February 27, 2007

Today I did something a little unusual for me, and maybe even a little brave, I got myself out of situation that wasn’t healthy for me.  This situation was being the romantic advice giver to an ex and by an ex I really mean the ex.  The problem being in all this is that he is also a close friend, a friend I plan on traveling with this summer.  Also giving advice and listening is a big part of how I relate to my friends, it is one of the main things I feel that I can give to my friends.  But in this situation listening and giving advice was really painful for me.  So I got up my nerve today and emailed him to let him know that I couldn’t fulfill that role anymore, which he seemed to accept, but then he asked me why.  So now I am sitting here trying to find a way to put into words what it is about our relationship that makes it so difficult for me to be his adviser.  Should I tell him it is because there are parts of me (although very small in size) that aren’t completely over him?  Or should I tell him that I just don’t…

Ugh, that dilemma scratches the surface of a story that is way to long to try to tell here, so I think I will leave it there.  I will attempt to be more interesting in the morning, after I get some sleep.


One comment

  1. He may just be the world’s biggest jerk for asking why. It’s insensitive of him in the first place to even think you could advise your ex on matters of the heart, now he’s compounded the trouble by not letting you off the hook easily. Don’t get yourself in deeper by trying to explain.

    Unless you just want to explain to us. We’re fascinated.

    Good first step you took there. It will be hard not to take two steps back, but be brave. It’s better for you in the long run.

    (Easy for me to say.)

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