waking up from quite the bender

February 22, 2007

I am home sick today, which I realized this morning was an even better idea than last night. Starting yesterday morning my chest tightened, a cough developed and I began to feel feverish. I took my temp after I got home and found that I did indeed have one, so I took some medicine (which I hate to do) and called in to work. Boy howdy am I glad I did, last night was probably the second worst night* I have had in my life in regards to fever. I took some medicine at 10:30pm, so by around 3am it was beginning to wear off. And that is where the night got fun, racked by extreme cold, I couldn’t seem to get warm even with my very thick faux-down comforter. But I was also half asleep, so the idea of getting another blanket for myself didn’t really occur to me. So at around 4:45am when my dear roommie, Becca was preparing for her early morning commute I begged her to get me another blanket. That helped, but still I found my body couldn’t stand the “huge drafts” that seem to creep in from under the edges of my blankets. Finally at around 6:30am I dragged myself out of bed and took some more medicine. Now it is weird I don’t really remember if I interacted with my roommates who get up around 7am, I kinda thought I did, but I definitely don’t remember anything. But fortunately around 7:30am my fever broke, so I had that lovely experience of laying on my bed with sweat pouring off of me. So yeah, being sick is pretty darn sexy.

* The worst night ever was one in China during SST in which everyone else was staying in the East Campus dorms, but because I was feeling sick I stayed behind one night and had the worst fever I think I have ever had. I was shaking and shivering uncontrollably, because despite the relatively warm temp of the bedroom I couldn’t get warm. That, my friends, was the longest night of my life.

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  1. i had an equally long night of sickness while everyone was at the eastern campus! whoa. except mine was sick sick sick extreme vomiting and diarrhea and feeling very alone and hating china. that was a long night. yeck.

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