makin’ friends

February 17, 2007

Our apartment looks pretty smashing right now, the candles are all lit, the floors are swept.  The clutter is all swept up and the lamps are all on.  Even the cat is looking better with her nails trimmed and the nasty clumping from her rear removed.  All in preparation for another of our attempts to “be social” and “get to know people who we don’t live with” plan.

In effect since January, our plan has had its ups and downs.  While it has brought about several lovely dinners and good times with rather random groups of people in our apartment it hasn’t actually generated a lot of return invitations or instant friendships.  I guess that’s my problem, I hate this part of making friends.  Just like when I was younger and our family moved to Indiana, my parents wanted to visit various churches in the area, but I hated it.  So as soon as I visited Assembly and we had a discussion in sunday school about heaven, I knew I had found my home.

It isn’t that I am incapable of making friends, its just that I tend to only become myself when I am in crowds that I am comfortable with and it is just hard for me to be totally comfortable with strangers.  Hmmm, this is also foiling my “find a boyfriend in the big city” plan that I came up with last summer (although this plan is also having difficulty due to my reluctance to leave the warmth of my apartment most evenings).  So yes, Chicago is full of interesting friendly people, I am just having a hard time finding all those people.  Maybe they are also hibernating in their apartments and will come out in spring, one can always hope.  Until then, my roommates and I will keep up with our insidious plan to get to know other young people through dinner invites and fondue parties.  Wish us luck!


One comment

  1. Hmm, interesting coincidence that I was just thinking about blogging about my struggles with friendships (that has now been postponed for another evening due to the time’s funny way of evaporating before my eyes). It seems to be one of the life-defining challenges for those in our age group of the introvert persuasion. It is also the reason that being connected to the Mennonite community is wonderful (and one of the reasons I want — I think — to try being more on the boundaries of that for a while, to push my comfort zone).

    I, of course, consider you one of my best friends. Hope you know that, and thanks for being there for me over the years!

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