my valentine (delayed) to my roommates

February 15, 2007

Becca and me

This girl woman is my oldest friend in the world. We met when we were both uncool little middle schoolers who immediately hopped into each other’s pockets and remained there for much of high school. Eventually we learned that we were better as two different people than the same, yet she remains the one person who remembers some of my best and worst moments. Plus she has grown into a sun-filled woman who loves to do things for those she loves. Becca is a cook, who also likes to bake and loves the color red. But don’t be fooled by Becca’s quiet nature, she thinks deep thoughts and can express them elegantly if you give her a chance to get a word in edgewise. Becca is also known throughout the world for her giggle and her willingness to emit good old fashioned squeals in the face of things such as leeches.

Jess and me

Sometimes I feel that Jess is an old soul stuck in the body of a twenty-something. First meeting in college, our friendship took time to establish itself, but now we face the world together with our Scottish man accents and a unified willingness to enjoy the bizarre. Jess is also a woman of opinions, which comes in handy when I make her pick out my outfits. If you took a poll of all of Jess’s friends the word most of them would use to describe her (besides gorgeous redhead) is perceptive. Jess’s ability to look into other’s lives and see not only their strengths and weakness, but also to empathize with them is truly amazing.

Steph and Me

Steph is my one friend, that if Jerry Springer was the true description of people’s abilities to relate to others, would probably not be my friend. Our friendship traces its way through a lot of ups and downs and has its roots in the age old conundrum of liking the same guy. Steph is a woman of sophistication who has also been known to snort when laughing. She is also a generous soul, who believes firmly in love and its role in her life. She also brings a sense of fun and enthusiasm to any group and could charm the pants off a gnut. Despite those cliches, my friendship with Steph is perhaps the most amazing and beautiful of all my friendships because not only has survived so many difficulties but it continues to adjust to each phase of our lives.


  1. That was truly beautiful my dear. Thankyou. You’re an absolute gem and I can’t wait to see how our friendship adjusts itself through the next 50+ years! I love you.

  2. Awww, shucks. Happy Valentines Day to you to Abby!

  3. […] night was a lovely reminder of the power of girlfriends.  My dear friend Steph, with whom I went to college, traveled to China and lived with for 2 1/2 years, came up for a visit […]

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