thanks for the love

February 10, 2007

To continue my most posts in one day spree, a quick thanks to the editors over at Best Blog on WordPress, they seem to like my little blog over here which just warms the corners of my cliche little heart. So you guys should all go over there and check them out cause they talk about lots of funky little blogs here at WordPress.

Secondly, thanks for the advice David, I think I’ll try that out. Or maybe I’ll just try to use the border that Tarski already uses, because I like its dark grey look. CSS experiments continue to be fun, challenging as all get out, but a good time.



  1. Hmm, I believe it is actually the *cockles* of one’s proverbial heart that get warmed. (Whatever *they* may be.) Google concurs.

    In other news, I have just entered the blogosphere on an experimental basis — see http://david.wglick.org … Will the experiment last past the first evening? I can’t stand the suspense either.

  2. Wow, keep up the good work

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