the soundtrack of little miss sunshine

February 3, 2007

as it plays in my living room

I just has a lovely evening getting together with a wide assortment of goshen friends.  We all met at Chili’s and got a table in my friend Tara’s section.  Although a kinda random group it ended up being a lot of fun and Tara was a great waitress.  Then of course I was going to go see the One Acts but it being so cold and Becca and I being full and tired, we decided to just rent a video and watch it with my parents.  So yes that is what I am doing on this lovely Saturday night. 

I was talking with Alex tonight (of former roommate fame) and we were talking how time seems to get stranger and stranger as we get older.  Last week I was realizing that my childhood is over, completely over, there is no going back.  I mean while I don’t really have any interest in reliving most of it, I find it rather sad to realize that I will never again be a child, I am adult now and that’s what I will be for the rest of my life. 

In a weird way Little Miss Sunshine reminds me of Amelie, maybe its the soundtrack but I think it also has something to do with dysfunctional people (losers if you want to be more accurate) finding love whether that be in their family or in a romantic relationship.  I like movies like that, especially ones that pay attention to the details of characters and that make you laugh.


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