February 1, 2007

I got up at 6:46am and quickly hopped into the shower.  I finished my shower at 6:55am and told steph I was done.  Then I returned to my room and picked out clothes to wear and clothes to change into for the gym.  I ended up deciding on jeans, a new tee, cardigan and my warm socks because it is really cold in Chicago right now.  While doing this I listened to a little Jewel (which has remained stuck in my head even now).  Then I talked to the cat as it meowed at me on my way to the kitchen where I put away last night’s dishes (except for the minni bread loaf pan because despite my best efforts it had not gotten completely clean last night).  Then I checked the expiration date on the milk and poured it out because it is indeed no longer January.  Fortunately we had a fresh bottle and I had a bowl of kashi rasin bran.  While waiting for my fiber pellets to soften I packed my bag for the day throwing in a granola bar and an orange, but not actually packing a lunch.  Negotiating the bathroom with both Steph and Jess I carolled the blow dryer and proceeded to blow dry my hair, noticing that I seem to have developed some more split ends and sighing over the inability of my hair to turn in on both sides of my head.  Then I returned to the kitchen to listen to the cat meow some more and eat my cereal.  Afterwards I put on my red shoes put my sneakers in a plastic bag and grabbed hat, coat and mittens and left the house at 7:37am.

After waiting outside watching the sun shine and snow fall I was picked up by my carpool at 7:42am and then we drove to school dropping off Jess on the way.  Trying not to breath too much coldness into my lungs I entered the school and made my way to my mailbox where I received my union card.  Then I came upstairs and put away bag and purse into desk and proceeded to check my email.

This folks, is how I begin my day, now aren’t you so glad you read about that?  I know fascinating stuff!


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