okay so maybe some corporations do rock

January 26, 2007

Today is a no-attendance day, so of course being the diligent employee that I am I did just that.  This morning I slept into 8 o’clock (yes I know this is a good indication that I am not in college anymore).  Then I did some things like shower, internet, ten thousand village browsing, carmel cappuccino and then a stop at my local bank where I deposited some checks which is where the point of this post takes place.  Up until my move into the “big city” I did all my banking at the local credit union, because that is where my parents went and they had an ATM on campus and I could bike to both their branches.  And of course local banks always kick national corporations butts, right?  However after leaving my hometown it became obvious that I would need a new bank and Chase banks drew my eye (mainly due to their huge number of ATMs in the area include some in the hometown) and of course being given 50 bucks for opening a new account didn’t hurt either.  So I did just that, but of course I knew that this bank would never be as cool as my hometown credit union, because duh! it was a national corporation.

But then today when I deposited my checks the cashier took one look at my account and informed me that a banker would meet with me about their free overdraft protection.  (a little back story here, this week in a what was a stupid slip up on my part I overdrew on my checking account because an electric bill became due faster than I could move money from my ing savings account into my checking)  So this young banker took me into a cubicle and explained that they could set up this free service that would connect my checking account to one of my credit cards so that if I ever made a slip up like that I wouldn’t be charged a fee by the bank.  Then because I couldn’t tell which credit card that I had recently applied for didn’t have an annual fee, she called the card people up and figured that out for me.  Then she completed the little overdraft plan and informed me that they were refunding me my $25 dollar fee.   Which in the grand scheme of things isn’t really that much money or a big deal, but this visit at Chase is also consistent of pretty much all my visits there, helpful professional banking.

But I gotta say, even though huge banks may have scored a point in my book, the carmel cappuccino I got at the local Brothers K still kicks the butt of anything I have gotten at Starbucks 🙂


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  1. I too have found Chase to be very friendly and helpful. The other day I went in to try and see if I could get on-line bill pay, and the guy who helped me was really nice, and told me about several choices and really seemed keen on finding the best choice for me. We also chatted about babies because he has a 4.5 month old.
    P.S. I love your blog

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