hormonal adjustments

January 24, 2007

So I think I am feeling a bit better and recovering from my simmering rage from yesterday, which is probably a good thing both for me and the world at large.  Although I can never quite tell how much of my emotions right now are hormonal or actual reactions.  I mean both are valid, but I like to think one of those carries a bit more weight than the other.  I think the irrational stuff tends to be exaggerations of my true emotions, so maybe that makes them actually more real than my everyday emotions.  What do you think, women who read this?  Are the emotions you experience as a part of hormone shifts (be that menstruation cycles, menopause, pregnancy, etc) exaggerations of your real feelings or unconnected shifts?

In another note, I am attempting to learn css, so that I can control the template of this blog completely, however I am of course having mixed results.  Also the new header is close to what I am thinking of keeping up, but hopefully temporary.  However due to my current inability to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer, it will have to do for the time being.


One comment

  1. I think they are exaggerations of real emotions, but I think hormones can also bring out emotions that wouldn’t be there normally. Like for example, a small annoyance or unhappiness that you would not consciously perceive under normal circumstances can gnaw at you. Often when I’m PMSing I find that I have an underlying bitter or peeved mood regardless of other factors in my life at the time.

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