stalk, pout, stomp, stomp

January 22, 2007

Today was a perfectly decent day.  Nothing went wrong today.  But right now I am just mildly seething under the collar.  And no, trying to be grateful isn’t helping.  And no, thinking about my favorite things isn’t helping.  Even using all these italics isn’t helping.  Sometimes I just get pissed (and yes this time does tend to happen around once a month or if you are me around every month and half give or take 3 weeks).  And I think what tends to piss me off even more is knowing how bloody blessed I am and how I really should be just so jolly happy with my life.  But then says the little voice in my head, there are so many things that I want to have different in my life.  That’s it, I hate hormones, they can all just go into a little corner and die!


One comment

  1. Sadness. Feel better dear. And next time, it would be ok to vent to the girl sitting on the opposite couch.

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