revieu fur you

January 1, 2007

Well I guess now would be the suitable time to give a yearly review, but what the heck I don’t really feel like doing that. I mean I think I am going to miss 2006, it was a good year, and I guess a pretty momentous one (graduation, first apartment, first job). But ah, what’s with thinking about the past, at least that far back. So instead I will give you all a summary of the past week.

Christmas Eve morning I rode with Bec and Zeb down from Chicago early enough to attend church, which was lovely. This began a day of hanging out with family, several games of Tichu, a meatloaf dinner.

Christmas day was similar to Christmas Eve but instead of meatloaf, we had pad thai.

The following day was spent getting some shopping done with Jonathan, getting my Klimt print custom matted, buying pajama pants and paints for my mum’s christmas gift. Then in the evening I got together with old housemates, which was delightful.

Wednesday morning was driving to PA, a pretty smooth trip followed by supper with my aunt and uncle. We had venison chili which was quite yummy and then Jonathan I watched a few episodes of Family Guy.

Thursday morning I met my cousin Laura for coffee at the coffeeshop she and her husband work at. She is 7 months pregnant which is something that still blows my mind from time to time. We had a wonderful little catch-up and then me and the fam grabbed lunch at Friendly’s before heading up to the Inn in a place north of Lancaster. My cousins and aunt and uncle were there and so we had fun times playing games together and watching Remember the Titans. The inn was a thing of awesomeness built in 183? and 3 stories high, it can sleep 50 in beds and more if people are willing to squish. I slept in the Gentleness room (fruits of the spirit).

Then on Friday we spent more time relaxing together and in the afternoon after my other cousins and grammy arrived, we started putting together a 1000 piece puzzle. Then we had our “Christmas” dinner and put the puzzle together some more.

Saturday morning it was an early start to get back to Lancaster for the H— family reunion. There I observed how many babies there are and that the next generation (cousin’s kids) seems to be multiplying at an exponential rate. After another lovely Christmas meal, the fam and I headed back to Indiana through the night making it back around 2am.

Which of course brings me to New Year’s Eve in which I attended church, had cheese fondue with the fam, opened presents (duvet cover, light-bulbs, books, etc) and then chocolate fondue, games, a quick game of ping-pong and then hanging out with the Leah and Erin before finding my way over to Miriams for doughnut making (mainly done by Becca), game playing and Finding Nemo watching.

All in all a pretty good week.


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