the morn of no presents

December 25, 2006

Although this is the second year in which we had no presents on Christmas morning (last year our present from our parents was a trip to visit Tim and Charletta in London) and this year we are waiting until New Years to that Tim and Charletta can be with us. So while there are plenty of presents under the tree they will be staying there for a few more days.

Christmas shopping wasn’t too bad this year, although not nearly as fun/inexpensive as last year when I got all my presents in china. This year I did quite a bit of shopping on-line and due to the extra week, I still have to get my mom’s. So Jonathan and I will be braving the after christmas crowds and doing a little bit of shopping tomorrow morning.

Currently I am indeed home for the holidays, wrapped up in a blanket sitting on the couch with the fire going. Yesterday Becca, Zeb and I got up insanely early to drive from Chicago to Goshen in time for church in the morning. It was really nice to be there for the last advent service and then in the evening I went with my family to the traditional christmas eve meal, which was quite lovely.

This morning I went on a walk with Mom & Dad and yesterday, we played two very competitive games of Tichu. Dad and I beat Mom and Jonathan in close game, but then in our second game got fairly soundly whooped. Although we did come back from our 700 something to less than a hundred score to finish with 600 plus points. So it wasn’t too bad.

Jonathan and I are going to make pad thai for lunch today, so we’ll have to see how that turns out. I think I need to find a better recipe. Maybe I’ll try googling for it. Anyways have a merry little christmas everyone.


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