christmas break is here, gather round duckies

December 22, 2006

Things that I have thought about today:

  1. Family and how much it is going to rock to see them for a whole week
  2. How to frame the gorgeous “Tree of Life” print by Gustav Klimt that my amazing roommates gave me for Christmas
  3. How I don’t have to go to work for a whole two weeks!!!!
  4. The complexities of Christmas and all its peaks and valleys (how was that for a cliche statement)
  5. Watching Love Actually for the third time and still finding the bloody thing hilarious
  6. Making pad thai for the third time, but first time without a mix and having it turn out decent
  7. Continued mental debates about my future, the big one being if I should start grad school next fall or wait until I get back from serving overseas
  8. feeling like somedays the hole gets so small it doesn’t even matter and other times it threatens to swallow me whole.

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