pray for snow

November 30, 2006

According to the meteorologists, tonight’s the night, anywhere from 2 to 14 inches of snow.  Yeah, so if my Goshen luck holds through Evanston will get 2 inches, and the rest of Chicago will get a good foot coating.  But seriously any snow will make me happy, because I seriously love the stuff.  I mean a fresh coating of snow on the ground is what makes winter worth it.  There is no such thing as too big a snow storm, today at work Bill kept talking about how he thinks we are due for an apocalyptic snow storm.  So here we come snow to bring about the end of the earth.

This week has gone well overall, I feel like I am finding a niche at work and managing to not get either way stressed or die of boredom.  Is it a bad sign that looking back on this week, I can’t really remember much that stands out?  Oh we have started with christmas music, and believe me holding off until thanksgiving was pretty hard this year.  Both Becca and I were pretty much ready to start after Halloween, but we did manage to contain ourselves.  We only cheated once, when Steph and Jess weren’t home to embarrass us.  Other than that, we were christmas music free until thanksgiving.

So yes, snow and carols and cold weather are all making me excited about Christmas.  Only 3 weeks left until Christmas break and only 7 months left until Summer!


One comment

  1. No snow managed to stick down here, although there was a little bit of ice…meteorologists rarely seem to get it right.

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