sitting here in my bathrobe

November 11, 2006

You know I hate discontent, yeah those little thoughts that hang around behind your shoulder telling you that things should be better.  Now yes, they often do have a point things could be better, but do they have to be in order for people to be happy?  I am sure in my life I have logged more than than my fair share of minutes spent contemplating how much better life could be right now if I could tweak my life in just a few divine twists.  I think that is pretty human, but still it bugs the heck out of me.  I mean come on people how many times do I have to hear “live life to the fullest” to have the message sink in.

Yet at the same time as I was watching Farewell My Concubine (which basically consisted of three people living tragic miserable lives during in 20th century China while acting beautifully and singing lots of Beijing Opera) I thought to myself seriously I need to get over all this post-modern angst.

So anyone wanna go to a bar tonight?*

*statement should only be taken seriously by people who actually know me, except of course my parents


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