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October 31, 2006

Okay so you want a real update do you. *

So I am home back in Indiana, I took the south shore home last night with Char. We had a pleasant meal at Chipotle before boarding the train and spent time talking about jobs and relationships and living with people. Then we were picked up by my parents and they looked so lovely. At home Jonathan and I chatted** and we all had tea. Then it was up in the morning for turkish coffee made by Jonathan before he headed off to work on his huge mid-term thing that is taking all his time.

Char and I did various errands around town which included buying groceries, visiting Mom at the Villages, where I redeemed my birthday present and got a beautiful dark red with gold and tan accents tablecloth which I plan on using as a curtain in front of our closet. After lunch with Char and Mom I headed home and started frying tofu, during which I learned how restaurants get tofu to be so yummy and crispy on the outside. The key is high heat, no oil, because when I did the first bit with oil it just absorbed it all up, because tofu really isn’t any better than a big sponge.

After an amazing pad thai birthday feast, we trucked off to the barn dance. There I spun, promenaded, do-ce-doed and learned the salty dog with Becca. Lovely times, although I would have to say I miss the barn dance times from high school where there was always 10 people my age…..sigh good ole MYF.

Sunday morning, Zeb came over to have blueberry baked oatmeal and to tell me more details about the amazing trip this summer! Seriously folks I need to let you all in on that itinerary. Then Char, Becca and I took Char and Tim’s new (a relative term) 1994 Geo Prism back up to Chicago. I then spent most of the rest of the day taking a walk, relaxing, cleaning, and even reading for a bit.

That gets us all the way up to Monday, which was a monday and not really much more than that. (oh except we had amazing crepes last night!)

*I am fully aware that no reader did actually request such a thing, but still I am sure you wall really wanted one.

**Actually more like hugged and punched each other.


One comment

  1. Oh man, Jonathan totally didn’t tell me you were in town this weekend…I so would have come to the barn dance for old time’s sake, had I known… (If you’re ever in Goshen on the first Saturday of a month you should come to the contra dance in downtown Goshen…there’s usually lots of GC and AMBS folk.)

    I did get some of the pad thai for lunch on Monday, which was excellent.

    I’m still planning to come visit ya’ll in Chicago sometime, but it’s looking more and more like that might be AFTER the semester is over.

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