being inspired

October 10, 2006

I just got back from Stephanie Klein’s reading for her new book Straight Up and Dirty. I have been reading her blog for almost a year now and I really like her style. And I mean that in the whole life she presents to the world. It obviously isn’t an entirely wonderful one, but she makes the single life in the city sound appealing, but also realistic. But most of all I like it that she is so honest, from sharing her mishaps with dating, to her issues with weight, to her beautiful photography, Stephanie seems to be a very genuine person. Plus it was a lot of fun to meet in person and to hear the voice of someone who I feel like I know so well already.

Hearing about the work and energy she puts into writing both her blog and her book (she is working on a second one about going to fat camps as a child), is definitely inspiring to me. I think I really want to take this blog more seriously and use it not only as a way of updating people on my life, but letting out a little creativity now and then. Plus I am hoping that I soon will be able to a real overhaul of the design and change a lot of the parts of it that have been frustrating me for a while.

The other good part of the night was wearing my new grey blazer, red shoes, matching purse and feeling quite cityified. But I do indeed need to go to work tomorrow, so I think I shall say goodnight.


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