I hate titles

September 28, 2006

not really, but today has definitely been one of those crazy up and down days that occurs shall we say usually once a month. Most of the day was really good, work went well. I felt productive and useful, two things that I have found are very important in the success of my days at the Job. I feel like I need to have instant blogging access or none at all. Today I thought about blogging about living in a city, which I really like so far. However then after a babysitting job, I had to be driven home the 10 minutes or so, because it was dark and I am a woman. But today as I was walking around there were so many beautiful moments, trees in the wind, old buildings, sounds of children laughing through apartment windows above my heads.
It is a little crazy how quickly life of going to bed at 10pm (unlike tonight where I am being very stupid) and getting up at 6:30am have become routine. While on occasion I look back on the flexibility of class schedules with mild nostalgia, for the most part this new life has becomes strangely normal. It is interesting how despite the level of adult things I am doing now, I remain unconvinced that this really is my new life.

In other news, the kitty is probably 50% less pissy, maybe its the lack of men around, or the smaller place, who knows.

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