quest of bohemia

September 24, 2006

Becca and I have decided upon a theme for our room and it is earthtone bohemian. Today we picked out curtains at Target, they are an olive green and then over that a gauzy ribbon like curtain with the earthtones. I love them, and they should hopefully be up tonight, because J’s dad (handy man extrodenaire) has promised to come over and help. Although I should have you know Becca and I would have been fine putting them up ourselves, but as I learned after stripping out two screw heads, they required pre-drilled holes and our lovely apartment doesn’t have a drill. Once everything is set, maybe I will post some pictures here, however this may be difficult seeing as my digital camera is still in repair somewhere between here and Gtown.

Today we checked out R— Place again, it is a lovely welcoming church. I like it that has young people, old people, physically challenged, able bodied, black, white people all worshiping together. However it will be hard for me to be satisfied at any church after AMC. R— also mainly uses praise and worship songs in their worship, which I am learning to appreciate more. However in general I get less out of them then hymns.

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