September 19, 2006

I keep thinking of slightly witty and interesting things to blog, but unfortunately this mainly happens while I am at work, so I of course don’t have time to actually write about them. And I am sure not gonna do that whole blogging from work thing. No way, man! But yes, as you may assume from this little post, we do officially have wireless here in our apartment. I set it up this evening after the girls and I watched another Firefly episode. I have to just say, I love Mal and I would definitely have his children in a heartbeat.

In other news from the day. We had the most amazing supper, Becca had her day off so she baked bread and pumpkin pecan pie with homemade cinnamon whipped cream, and yes it was as good as it sounds. Oh and the spaghetti was great too. Cel—- was over to check out our extra bookcase and chair and so she stayed to have dinner with us. We had a really good conversations ranging from feminism, journalism to homosexuality and Christianity. Oh and I opened one of my bottles of Cherry wine that I bought at Tabor Hill. It is a very lovely wine, but it much better served alone or as a dessert, it didn’t really compliment the acidity of the tomatoes.

So yes that brings up to the moment where I am sitting here on our free but bugger of a couch to move up a small back stairs, bumming around on the internet way past my bedtime, just because I can.


  1. oh now i want to be in chicago!

  2. I have been introduced to the Firefly happiness, and although I like to pretend that certain parts of Serenity didn’t happen, I love it all. And I, too, want a Mal. I can’t decide which my favorite character is, but it may be River or Mal.

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