and now for a brief update

September 13, 2006

So in the past week I:
served as a bridesmaid in T & C’s wedding (which was beautiful)
loaded up a moving truck with all my belongings
changed my location to Etown
signed a lease
received my first two salaried pay checks
opened a new bank account
signed up for electricity and phone service
painted 4 rooms in our new apartment
drove from G to Etown with a plant, 2 lamps, some boxes and a pissed off kitty
unpacked a kitchen
put together a pair of bunk beds
and most recently walked to our local coffee shop with free wireless and ordered a small chai and pumpkin bread

becoming a responsible certified adult presence = priceless

One comment

  1. Ooh ooh ooh! Me too! Well, the bridesmaid’s part. I was fine for all of it, but I did start crying as I was walking up the aisle towards my brother. But it was all pretty and the reception was fun. By the way, the pissed off kitty part sounds funny, although I’m sure those in the car would disagree 🙂

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