ah chai with good froth

September 13, 2006

Froth is a key ingredient in any steamed hot drink. Obviously the cappuccino owes pretty much its entire existence to it, and despite how latte’s have it removed, is a natural by-product of the steaming process. Ranging from the crazy thick stuff made by half n half to the really light and airy skim version, by far my favorite is chai foam. Back at GG when I worked with B—-, we invented the Cup O’ Foam. Pretty much self-explanatory, this mainly consisted of layers of different kinds of foam. And seriously it was actually a really good drink! Foam is also important in a drink because it seems to keep the drink warmer longer. Now for all I know this could have absolutely no scientific backing, but seriously the stuff is like a little whipped blanket. So I encourage you all to go out and order something with extra foam (preferably something from a locally owned coffee shop).


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