listening: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight – Postal Service

August 22, 2006

I really like this music, and I like music in general. But I will forever be a music dork. It took me up onto a month ago to figure out that death cab for cutie and postal service have the same lead singer. I generally get most of my musical influences from my younger brother, who seems to be infinitely cooler than me, or at least in these kinds of areas. However I am learning, finally this summer during a 24 hour driving day (part of a larger week long road trip) I got an in depth lesson in how independent labels work, and some of the subtle differences between various forms of “satanism” and its relationship to death metal.

Although when recently asked what I would choose for my favorite album of all time, I had to revert back to Simon & Garfunkel. Chalk it up to the brainwashing that I experienced as a childen by listening to their Central Park Concert record over and over while playing hours of lego with the younger bro, but this horribly un-hip group will always be a favorite.
It also doesn’t help my music cred that I tend to favor lyrical melodic songs with hints of folk. I mean soft rock/pop isn’t exactly the coolest category. But in my own defense my favorite of the three artists I saw during my first (and probably last) trip to a Loolapooluza concert, my favorite band was the Violent Femmes. I mean, who can resist a bunch of white middle aged men, who still like to rock it?

In the end, I guess as much as I like learning about new music and plan on expanding my taste, I am okay with being a music dork. This is mainly due to my strong dislike for the music snob. You know those people who start to dislike artists as soon as they become poplular. Those who only like music that either sounds like mating yaks, involves lots of artistic distortion and is only listened to by 100 other people. Yeah, I would so take a music dork over a music snob.



  1. simon & garfunkel ain’t unhip. don’t ever say that.

  2. also, music dorks are also better than music snobs because we don’t fall for bands who are merely “drops in the bucket,” so to speak. which is what a lot of these new artists are who are becoming popular. one hit wonders who managed to put out one good album and fade out. we know better, and aren’t going to waste our lives over music swill. word.

    that’s another reason why simon & garfunkel are hip.

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