listening: Desaparecido by Manu Chao

August 13, 2006

Today, S & M (he he, those initials are funny) and B & me went up to the dunes after an enjoyable baptism service at Camp Friedenswald. It was a beautiful day, with temperatures warm, but not so unreasonable, and for one of the first times this summer, I got to spend almost all of it outdoors. The dunes were packed, but the water wasn’t very crowded. We quickly figured this out by wading in and promptly freezing off our lower extremities. Apparently just because the lake has had all summer to warm up doesn’t mean, doesn’t mean it won’t be 50 degrees. So we lazed around on our towels, and I read the last bit of my most recent Spenser novel by Robert Parker (the best sarcastic bodybuilder romantic detective from the 70s ever) and various magazines that I purchased for the sole purpose of reading on the beach.
Now I must say that I know I have fair skin, so I willingly coated myself in sunscreen carefully getting even the hard to reach part of my back. However in my brilliance and offhanded thought that my legs needed some sun, I skipped that part. So now I have a nice shade of lobster red on my errrrr…. upper thigh. Yeah I would show you all a picture, but seriously I don’t’ like you that much 🙂
In other news, despite all of J’s great suggestions I think I have settled on Cedric as the name for this computer. Don’t ask me why, but I just get very male Irish vibes from it.
Well I think I want to read a little before bed.

One comment

  1. Do you realize what you have done?!

    Now there’s bound to be people who run across your blog by searching for “male Irish vibes.” Egad.

    Nice name though.

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