me and the mac

August 12, 2006

two points for anyone who helps me come up with a good name for the new puter in my life

One comment

  1. Part I
    The Brain
    rat pack loving mac
    Abby the II
    Name it after your favorite book character or author
    name it after a country, province/ township/state, or city
    name it after an obscure animal or a strange sounding one, like balooga
    name it a list of numbers that are either random or important
    name it after a body part, like eyelash
    name it after favorite junk food (it wouldn’t do to be calling it carrot)
    name it after your favorite tree-oh maple mac has a nice ring to it
    take up where Becca left off and name it after a friend that hasn’t happened to also be the name of a dog in her house, and then say, oh, but my computer came with that name…

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