listening: When the stars go blue by Tim McGraw

July 9, 2006

I know a little more country than I usually do, but it is a great song. Besides I will never be one of those people who won’t fess up to liking a few cheesy songs. Yeah I mean I try to keep my music a little diverse, pick up a little bit of indie, alternative, bluegrass, a touch of hip-hop, but still I am such a sucker for the ballads. Especially those melancholy, nostalgic ones, that only appeal to the twenty two year olds who think high school was a long time ago. Mortality isn’t something I spend a lot of time considering. I spend more thinking about contentment and how to find it; relationships and how to cherish them; security and adventure and how to balance them.

Today was part two of the celebration of Becca’s birthday, Steph and I took her out to eat at Hacienda, where we had a really fun and actually pretty good meal. We shared two mojitos (made with rum instead of tequila and sprite instead of soda water, therefore making them sweet enough for our lightweight tastes). And of course the required mudslide. It was just a lovely time, much of which was spent calculating/planning and anticipating the Move. We already have lots of plans on how we want to decorate, how we want to do this and that, etc. It will be nice once we have the actual apartment determined so we can start planning more solidly.

Saturday was spent working, 13 and 1/2 hours to be exact, but actually as crazy as that sounds it didn’t turn out too bad. Both jobs went fairly quickly and time didn’t drag too badly, hopefully this trend will continue as I work tonight at GG and then for another 12 hours on both Monday and Tuesday.

Continuing this update is reverse, Friday night was the Pirates II opener, which also served as part one of the Becca birthday extravaganza. The movie was great, not an amazing film, but exactly what a good summer movie is supposed to be. Oh and Friday morning I took my midterm for the online art course of death. It went pretty well, although it would have actually helped if I had read the book and would have maybe actually known the vocab words. But I think I BSed my way through it, or at least well enough to pass.

My afternoon nap is calling, so I will answer it.


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  1. I’m glad you guys are getting as excited about the apartment as I am:) Wish I could be there to dream about decoration ideas with you guys. Well, we will be together soon!

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