less wisdom

July 2, 2006

Friday morning I had my wisdom teeth successfully removed from my jaw. I have to say I have been quite lucky with all this, I didn’t react to any of the drugs I am taking, and my face doesn’t resemble a chipmunk (at least any more than it previously did).
Since then I have been bumming around the house, watching the remaining 6 episodes I had left to go of Firefly. Steph and Becca visited me on Friday, which was great and Becca used her custard connections on my behalf. Then on Saturday Becca and I went on a much needed bra shopping trip, where we were both quite successful.
So while I haven’t had a bad reaction to the drugs I have been left quite drowsy, so to remedy that, I am off for a brief siesta.


One comment

  1. glad it went well–>

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