June 20, 2006

I worked almost 12 hours today which in combination to it being my PMS week, I am in a kinda sucky mood. So for a brief bitch session:
-for the next 2 weeks I have two free days, both of which are Sundays, so half of them will be occupied with church, unless I start skipping
-during the next 2 weeks I will work just over 90 hours and also be getting my wisdom teeth pulled
-Oh and I almost forgot, I hardly ever see my friends and I still have 7 lessons left of art course…….ugh

Okay and even though I don’t feel like it, here are the good things
-Operation Father’s Day Surprise worked out great, for those of you who don’t know Tim was attending a friend’s wedding in St. Louis, so came over to Goshen on Sunday and surprised the living bejebbies out of Mom and Dad. It was probably the best Father’s day ever! Then the whole family trucked up to Chicago for the day on Monday and spent a lot of time in the car, but also had some good bonding moments
-I found out that there is probably going to be a Reba apartment open in August, however it will be smaller then I originally thought (but this also means less rent)
-oh and all those working hours, means my savings account is accumulating at a rather high rate
-okay I can’t think of anything else, so I am going to take my grumpy self to bed.

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  1. […] one plus in all of that was remembering the great time my brothers and I had surprising our parents with a visit from the supposedly-living-across-the […]

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