listening: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen

June 10, 2006

Yeah wouldn’t I like me one of those. So yeah I have been a bum and not posted at all this past week, but then of course I have worked 50+ hours, so I guess that is a decent enough excuse. So I have learned that while I can do them, I really don’t like extended runs of 11 hour days. But this weekend should bring a nice change of piece, with a jaunt up to chicy-land where I will hopefully hang out with the humboldt folks and do a little orienting for the JOB. Which should be interesting, because everyone else at the orientation thing will be actual teachers, and I am just a lowly aide. But who cares, I still get to go away for the weekend. Then when I come back the schedule will ease up, so maybe I will have time for those all important lemonaide-sipping, sunburn-getting, bike ride-taking, reading on the couch, afternoons and maybe even you know see my friends once in a while (this means you S, B, Z, M, etc).

In other news (and a good example of how the Menno game applies to the Web), it turns out the cool friend of my cousin’s now husband, who also went to school with some folks I know from GC, is also moving to Chicago. How kickin is that? Very, I tell you very.


  1. You posted! Yay! I miss you Abbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Chicy-land! Bloody plackard! What kind of a nick-name is that for Chicago? And is this cool friend a guy? 🙂

  3. is this why i never see you anywhere nor can tell if you are still alive?

    that is just not right.

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