things I have learned by the arrival of summer

May 28, 2006

1. My internet addiction takes a pretty big nose dive when I am sharing my internet access with 3 or 4 other people and I don’t have good reason (i.e. homework) to get me to sit down in front of a computer every day.
2. Sun is good, but sun, humidity and frickin 90 degree weather in May is not as cool
3. I love sales at lane bryant.
4. Taking the time to prepare yummy, nutritional, fresh meals is so worth it, especially when you have some one to cook with you.
5. Cats with anal leakage problems are not cool.

Life continues to be good, even though I have yet to actually start at SW. But considering I’ll probably be putting in over 30 hours at GG, so that should keep me busy. I like living at home with my family, cat and last week Katie. I think I am definitely taking advantage of the time I have here at home, however limited it may be. Also this week I should be hearing a final yes or no about the JOB in Chicago.


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