back home and loving it

May 23, 2006

These past few none college related days have been great. I haven’t accomplished a whole lot, but I have also managed to feel quite busy. I think this is largely due to the fact that I took a 24 hour trip up to Evanston for said interview (which went very well) and I have been doing a lot more work in the kitchen, garden and around the house, because my mom is recovering from a foot surgery which leaves her on crutches.

Another great part of the past few days has been having Katie living at my house for the week. We have made a few meals together, including this nights amazing crepes meal, biked errands and generally hung out. This is especially great, because I won’t be able to do this much with Katie during the next year, due to the small distance of half a country between our respective cities.

But basically instead of trying to tell you lots and lots about the past few days I am going to make two recommendations.

First, go check out the new MacBook offered by Apple. It has a 13″ inch screen, comes with a 1.8 intel duel core processor, and 1gb memory, plus a 60gb hard drive. So basically I can get everything I am looking for for only 1,400 and I can get a Mac! Now of course I need to do is save up another 1000 dollars.

I also just finished reading The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan (author of Joy Luck Club) and it was just a great book. It deals a lot with relationships (specifically sisters) and also Chinese thought, stories and history. I would totally recommend it for some great summer reading, but especially for all those China SSTers out there.


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