the fight against lameness

May 9, 2006

Yesterday, although great fun was also one of the lamest days of my may term so far. Other than going to class and having dinner at Panara Bread, I essentially spent 5 hours watching the tv screen. Now all of this was watching dvds of tv shows (which until such a time when I would get Tivo, this is my favorite way to watch tv). I also spent another 2 hours doing crosswords. So yeah, not very active, interesting or non-lame. But to inspire myself to make this day a better one, here is my to do list:

-meet with SW (the paint store) at 3pm to hear about summer job plans

-set up long-overdue vet appointment for the kitty (which speaking of names for the cat, what about the possibility of Juliet, cause then we could call her Jules for short)

-upload recommendations to library aide application

-find out about electronic copies of transcript

-start on-line art appreciation course, so that I can indeed graduate

-maybe bake some cookies

-watch one (and one only) episode of alias, we are only 3 episodes away from finishing season 3!


One comment

  1. I’ve given the name thing a bit of thought. I do prefer Juliet. Steph, I know you’ve dealt with the cat for like two months, but Abby will be caring for her during the summer. Oh, bother. Will we ever agree? I think there should be one name. Maybe we should make a name ballot and hope there will be a majority vote.

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