road trip from heck

May 5, 2006

Not to totally flip yesterday’s post on its head, but today kinda sucked, no actually I mean really sucked. The main reason for this being my life between the hours of 11:30am and oh say 4pm (Chicago Time). During that duration, the following things occurred:

-just west of South Bend a piece of the plastic undercover of the bumper came loose right in front of the front right tire of the prism. This resulted in a few scary moments and a delay until Jess in a fit of genius discovered that we could rig the piece back into place by using a key ring to replace the bolt.

-after exiting the Indiana toll road, we became majorly confused as too our route and its relation to 90 and 80 and 94, which resulted in a rather large confusing circle and finally getting on 294 around half an hour later

-due to construction we sat in traffic at least 3 separate times until we finally got off the turnpike

-then a car pulled out in front of me, causing much stress and a mini heart attack

So basically I was around an hour late to my meeting at the high school, however this was okay in that it wasn’t a real interview after all. And I learned that there are apparently a pretty large number of applicants for this job, so at this point I really don’t know my chances of getting it. But it looks like I will have an official interview, in front of a committee mind you, around May 19th.

Sigh, so despite this probably being my worst trip to Chicago, it is amazing what a few hours perspective, some tylanol and water, and an amazing Thai meal can do to return to a good outlook on life.

In other unrelated news, go check out my first totally original website!


One comment

  1. Oooh, I’ve heard that getting to Chicago is worse than usual with construction on the main routes and also construction on their detours. And a breaking bumper would’ve scared the bejesus out of me. I’m glad you guys are safe and sound though and were able to get a good meal! I can’t wait till y’all are back in Goshen! hee! I said y’all 🙂

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