quizs and memes do not a good blog make

May 4, 2006

okay, okay I know I have been a bit behind on the whole updates thing, but seriously its may term guys! This means 3 weeks of only morning classes, herd like behavior at the entrance to the Rot and of course if God is loving and kind, warm sunny weather. So far God seems to be in a good mood, because the weather these past few days has been glorious.

So where to start? The problem with not blogging for a little while, is one tends to forget everything that is most recent and most interesting to write about. First off, I gotta say I am doing much better than spring semester. Not that spring semester was awful, but I just feel like the sun has come out both literally and in my overall outlook on life. My housemates are wonderful, I’ve got some kick a** friends, one out of two brothers is actually back in the country, I have a room to myself (even though I do miss Alex), I am taking only one class and it is one that I am actually interested in. I also have a job interview this friday up in Evanston for a teacher aide position in a high school library. I graduated, finished the paper, survived the huge wash of self-doubt, got a haircut and dug up some spring clothes to start wearing. And thanks to Dad’s continued patience and work, I once again have a working bike, which is a wonderful thing indeed.

So yeah, maybe I am a little high off of the weather or all the frickin fresh air, but life looks pretty rosy right now.



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  2. Sunny days and sunny moods are wonderful things 🙂 I’m glad everything is looking up…and good luck with the job interview!!

  3. Yeah!–>

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