got graduation?

April 23, 2006

So its official folks, I have graduated from GC (Well not really, because I still have a little online course thing to finish up, oh and I don’t have a diploma and may term starts on Wed.) Actually yeah, not really sure why I graduated today, or how, but according to the 100 people who have all told me congratulations, I seem to have graduated. It’s been interesting, these past few days have been full of nostalgic moments, group bonding, close times and other tear worthy events, but as for tearing up, nope not me. I guess I just haven’t felt like it, which is weird considering how down I was this past week. I think its because this whole graduation thing feels really surreal, plus I have been feeling disconnected from classes for a while now. But for whatever reasons, and despite my lack of tears, this weekend has been pretty great. Today especially.

After waking up at 7:30am, to shower, shave legs, and curl hair, I went to the Assembly Graduate breakfast and then for first hour. All went well, breakfast was yummy, singing was good, sermon was interesting. Then Dad, Mom and I skipped out early to head over to the Baccalaureate, which ended being really good. A peace prof talked about his time in N. Ireland and other things, plus senior reflections and other good times. Then home to eat lunch and sew a snap onto my dress so that the front wouldn’t be so “sexy” (as Libby described it), then went back to the college to meet up with my housemates and we walked over to get ready for the processional. The ceremony went well, not too long, but long enough. Oh and I didn’t trip and fall and embarrass myself hugely when walking across the stage. Then of course came the hugging and congratulating and picture taking. Mom was very obliging and let me take lots of pictures with people. Then it was back to the house, to get ready for our open house. Which rocked, I got to talk to lots of good people and I had good conversations with Laurel and Andy (actually 3 andrews) and there was lots of good food and I got to see the Rushes and we talked about Hong Kong and how good peanut butter ripple ice cream is. So it really was quite lovely, but now I am tired and getting a little loopy, so I am going to go to bed.

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