listening: Blow the Moon Out Please – Hem

April 19, 2006

I listened to Hem a lot in China SST, it is perfect for those recovering melancholy moods. When you want to just be comforted by quietness with a twist of bittersweet hope. Things I have learned/thought about since my previous post:

1. Although setbacks are so much more easily absorbed and believed, that doesn’t make the bits of praise and compliments any the less important. Why is it that I will believe the critiques so much quicker than the praise?

2. There are other good kinds of writing than historical writing, and maybe what I love about history doesn’t have to be the academic part.

3. My family is amazing, especially my mother, who is a wonderful, beautiful and much admired person

4. A good meal, a 2 hour alias episode (in which the obvious is finally confirmed), and lots of laughing with friends can really improve one’s outlook.

5. But that doesn’t mean that I still don’t have issues, sigh, when did life get complicated, because I swear I think it used to be simpler to be happy.


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