one exam left

April 18, 2006

Well I really have no clue what I was actually going to say here. I remember thinking to myself just a few moments ago, about how I should post something, but now of course I can’t think of anything intelligent or interesting to say. But as you all probably guess it, that won’t keep me from publishing this 🙂

I took the Hist Glo Pov exam this morning, I think it went okay. Although I decided not to write my two essays in thesis format, because gosh darn it I have written enough thesises for this collage. And besides aren’t arguments so much more interesting if you give names to the two sides (Jerry and Ann, for example) and then frame the whole thing in the form of a conversation?
Yeah I thought you would agree with me on that one.

Also Easter was great, I did nothing really, which is like my favorite thing to do. I made another ring to finish up my jewelry for the semester, and then polished up a copper one I did earlier in the year.

In other news I only have one exam left and its for a class that I am not really worried about, so that feels good. And I turned in my Senior portfolio, so that’s one more thing I never have to think about again.

The sun is shining, so I think I might take a wee nap.


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