10 reasons yesterday rocked my socks off

April 5, 2006

10. I completed my enneagram o crap presentation for class and it seemed to be well received, so check up another assignment to my bs skills
9. got my teeth cleaned and learned that once again I have no cavities (although its looking like the wisdom teeth need to come out this summer)
8. presented my senior history thesis to a crowd of maybe 20 people, didn’t puke or otherwise embarrass myself, in fact may have fooled people into thinking I am a professional
7. recieved compliment on presentation telling me I should consider being a teacher, appreciated the thought despite all lack of teaching in my possible future plans
6. it was sunny
5. I baked a devil’s food cake from scratch (even though I used store bought icing), it was pretty good. Which is a good thing, because I had to frikin beat each ingredient one at a time and egg whites and combining carefully and sifting and all sorts of crap that is way different than adding an egg to a cake mix.
4. I completed the goshen news crossword with the help of my parents and megan while waiting for number 1 to arrive
3. ummm, I don’t know number one and two are the really cool ones
2. my housemate lena returned from SST
1. Jonathan, my younger booger brother returned from SST! and he is fluffier and curlier and tanner and cooler and just so totally awesome! Yayy!!!!!



  1. I was waiting for some kind of blog about yesturday. So glad that it was the kind of day that it was:)

  2. Yay for having a good day! Boo for stupid wisdom teeth! I’m having mine pulled at the end of the month 😦 I miss you guys!!! Hospitals are stupid and boring…sigh…but they give me time to catch up on everybody’s blogs, heh. Talk to ya soon!!

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