tummies and junior high brats

April 1, 2006

Tonight was crazy at GG, I ended up working from 9:30 to close by myself. This wasn’t a big deal until around 20 junior high and high school age kids came in all at once and a bunch of them wanted smoothies and we only have two blenders. So I was working my butt off and of course none of them tipped. So I was in this really exhausted bad mood when I came home and there were dishes waiting for me. Ugh, but then I chatted with Mel, Alex and Meryl and got a great backrub from Meryl and got to vent about my evening. So that made things better. I am still really exhausted though, sleep will be lovely.

But the craziest part of today was learning that a good friend of mine from high school is pregnant. She’s single, but apparently decided to keep the baby, which I am really impressed with. And seeing her, and her pregnant belly, just wow, kinda really happy for her, and just blown away by the whole idea. I mean I know that at this stage in life I will be seeing my friends get engaged and married, right and left, but pregnancy, that’s a new one. Makes me feel old, but yet not, because I don’t really see myself as ready for either marriage or babies. Probably another good thing, because neither option would fit into my life right now. Anyways I am not sure this makes any sense, but I am gonna go brush my teeth.


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