just in case

March 31, 2006

any of you were waiting on baited breath to find out whether or not I had completed the reflection paper on time, I did, during record night to be specific.

Today I got up a little bit early to come over here to the mac lab to meet with Miriam about her senior recital posters. Which is at 6:30pm a week from this sunday in Reith, and in doing this printing things I realized that I am signed up to work next sunday night! So I guess I’ll be trying hard to find a last minute replacement on that one.

Yesterday was spectacular, warm (no coat), sunny with just a few perky clouds, and a slight breeze. There were bits of biking around in spring tops, listening to harry potter, a small handful of researching in the library, with a dose of sunbathing with a fly which could only walk. It was weird though, despite all the loveliness my day was only okay to blahish. Maybe its the two presentations I have on tuesday, or how I work both tonight and tomorrow night. Or how I just want to be doing something else right now in life, I am so done with academia, but yet in all honesty I feel completely unprepared for the “real world”. Despite the improvements I have made this semester, I still lack job skills and probably interview skills too, ugh, I just want to be doing something other than this right now.

But then I also know that give a year or too and I’ll look back on where I am right now and be like “wow those were the days, life was simple and college was amazing”. So I try to live these last few weeks with joy and to get all I can out of it, but I am just not always happy to be here and now.


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