listening: The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill by the Beatles

March 20, 2006

You know those Beatles have some really weird songs in their repetorie. Obviously this is no news to those Beatles fanatics out there, or maybe even everybody but me. But seriously the same group that sang the bubbles of “All You Need is Love” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” also sang “Happiness is a Warm Gun”. Interesting don’t you think.

Today was a pretty good day, a little on the unproductive side of things, but not too bad. I started the day off with Digital Design, always a fun time. I really do love that class and I am really enjoying working on my final project. I think it is coming together. When I am done with it, I’ll try to find a way to post a picture of it here or something. After that there was chapel at 10, followed by Elkhart Truth time and my rather pathetic attempt at the crossword and then Hist o Glo Pov at 11. A rather uneventful morning altogether.

Although after listening to Goshen Grad TShenk talk about how he travels to various locations around the world to write about how MCC is having an impact on people’s lives, I was reminded of my dream job. This job was actually held by my aunt for a while back in the 90’s, but essentially I would travel the world for Ten Thousand Villages connecting with the local artisans and helping come up with new ideas for products and crafts that then would be sold in North America for fair prices. So that would involve travel, art, people and good business sense, how perfect would that be?! Now I just need to find a way to get this job, assuming it still even exists.

Then this afternoon I went home to do laundry, watched the Best of Adam Sandler SNL video, which wasn’t that great. Came back to the house, got a little work done, then went to supper. After that I put in almost 3 hours in the jewelry lab working on a pair of earrings, which are now almost completely done. In fact I am currently wearing them. It is great to wear something that you made all by yourself and then get complements on them. Maybe if the mood inspires I’ll post a picture of them.
So that brings us up to pretty much now. Hopefully the rest of the evening will involve me working on a little homework for a little bit, then getting to bed on the early side.


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