a blog is born

March 19, 2006

My dear friend Jess just started her very own little blog. Go check it out at http://jessicari.blogspot.com/. I would link to it in this post, but I am borrowing Alex’s apple and for some reason the link button doesn’t appear above this entry. Why am I using her computer, you may ask, because my mouse just gave up on my computer. I kinda feel like my computer is the equivalent of one of those old rusty cars that is held together with duct tape, but in my case its spare parts and tech service friends. Ugh, I just want to buy a laptop.

But unfortunately nights like this at GG isn’t going to help. Becca (my coworker) and I cleared just over $2.50 for the whole night! It just sucked! Plus about half an hour before close we got a crazy rush of seriously like 20 people, mostly adults, who all ordered drinks and some got cinnamon rolls. Becca had already pulled one side of the espresso machine, so she was doing all these drinks with only 2 shots at a time! But she was amazing, she was finishing the drinks almost as fast as I was ringing them up. So we finally got all the orders done and it was about 10 minutes till close, then I looked in the tip box and none of them had tipped!!! Grrrrrr, I mean I understand when young people, college students, high schoolers, etc don’t tip, but when adults don’t it gets so annoying. Especially after we were so polite and fast considering the line. Despite all that it was still a good evening and it was great when a bunch of the girls from the house stopped by, unfortunately they came right before the rush, so I didn’t get to chat. But it was nice to see them anyways.

The rest of the day was pretty good, I slept in and then went to hear about half of the student academic symposium, which was really good this year. But after that I didn’t do anything productive for the 2 hours I had before work. Tomorrow some serious work time needs to happen!


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