listening – “We can make it better” Kayne West

March 9, 2006

Record server music, yeah still here on the record wednesday night.
oh and by the way the paper is officially 13 pages of awesomeness, plus today I did another interview note takin thing

but I haven’t started the paper that is due on friday for his o glo pov
yesterday I worked 8 hours at GG, and tomorrow I get the pay check o largeness due to
the spring break party time at work

I am currently using the gigantic computer monitor of the hub, it is seriously wide enough for like 3 open windows, so much space it is almost overwhelming. I think when I buy my computer I am gonna have to choose between having a nice monitor size and having a portable laptop

this afternoon rocked the house, literally rocked the aurora compound, cause that’s what trains do whenever they go by, but anyways jess came over and we just talked for seriously 2 hours, then we hung out with meryl, I feel like all sections of my life are just so much more emotional these days, I feel like my outside appearance is a shell that barely contains all the emotions underneath it, and then other times I just feel empty inside, like nothing really matters to me, and then other times I feel both ways at once

I recently finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, which was although tragic a lovely novel about death, heaven, grief, and family dynamics. Actually I have GG to thank for all this extra reading for fun time, cause during slow periods, I just pull out my book and get going.

Kat is dancing around taking pictures and Anna is looking over the pages, so I think I will end this post.


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