listening: nothing actually

March 5, 2006

just the whirl of my computer and that taping of my keys, this is mainly due to the fact that although I double clicked on iTunes around a minute ago it is just now opening. Yes my computer is that slow, but then of course I can’t really blame it as it is hobbling around with only 128mg of memory, so obviously everything takes a while around here.

It is sunday and slept in again today, although last week I was in Chicago, so it wasn’t so much a conscious missing of Assembly. I can’t say I was terribly productive with my time this week regarding the paper o death, but I did actually make some really good steps in the right direction. I also put in 28 hours at GG, which was overall fun. Although I have to say tipping on Friday and Saturday nights, just doesn’t happen like it does on the weekdays. For example on Monday and Tuesday I made around $10 in tips where as on Friday and Saturday, after splitting it with D we both made around $2, kinda a major difference. But I still have to say I really love working at GG, even when I get really tired at 10pm and still have an hour and a half of work left. I think a big reason I like it is because it connects me with an outside college group of people. Fresh faces! I just really like seeing new people and even if I don’t have long conversations with them, just being surrounded by something new. I think this is also part of the reason I am really looking forward to living in Chicago next year.

Oh and this weekend I read The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, which is set primarily in Chicago. First off the book was a delight to read, the descriptions and characters were so real and vivid that I just loved every sentence of it. Plus it is based on a fascinating concept of a man who spontaneously time travels, therefore bringing up interesting ideas regarding cause and effect and how much choice we actually have about our lives. One of my favorite descriptions in the book is of Henry’s (one of the major characters) father. “He’s sitting all bunched up in his chair, and I notice his hands, long elegant hands that lie in his lap like a cat napping.” I just really liked that simile. Anyways I really recommend it.


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