listening: So Long Jimmy – James Blunt

March 2, 2006

I have to say I like this Blunt fellow. As most people, I only found out about him through his “beautiful” song, which I really really liked the first 5 times I heard it. However after the 10-15 times, I must say my enthusiasm for it is fading. Maybe this has to do with the limited repertoire on the adult alternative station at GG, or the fact that I actually like some of the other songs on his album better. All in all though, not too bad.

So you may ask, how is spring break going? Well, the break part is doing okay, the spring part is middling, and the work part is maybe a 5 out of 10. I am putting in some extra hours at GG this week, for a total of 28, and I spent all of last weekend in Chicago, so the writing time hasn’t happened as much as would be desired. However I have watched the rest of season 2 of Alias, two movies, played a game of Tichu, baked cookies, ate Indian food, made $20 dollars in tips, ate Greek, Chinese food and Chicago pizza. I have petted a cat, slept on a couch, drove from Chicago to Goshen in under 2 and a half hours, and even taken a few showers.

Oh and I had this very strange dream that took place in a pub in London and involved me accidentally ordering a bottle of Baileys, and then out of embarrassment drinking the whole thing and getting rather tipsy. Which by the way is rather odd in dreams, and I have to tell you I think my sub-conscious was making it up, because I actually haven’t ever gotten drunk yet. Oh and then my parents came into the dream and interrupted my great conversation with cute bartender #3, but fortunately they didn’t seem to mind me buying a $60 dollar bottle of Baileys in London.

umm…..maybe it is a little late?


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