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just in case

March 31, 2006

any of you were waiting on baited breath to find out whether or not I had completed the reflection paper on time, I did, during record night to be specific.

Today I got up a little bit early to come over here to the mac lab to meet with Miriam about her senior recital posters. Which is at 6:30pm a week from this sunday in Reith, and in doing this printing things I realized that I am signed up to work next sunday night! So I guess I’ll be trying hard to find a last minute replacement on that one.

Yesterday was spectacular, warm (no coat), sunny with just a few perky clouds, and a slight breeze. There were bits of biking around in spring tops, listening to harry potter, a small handful of researching in the library, with a dose of sunbathing with a fly which could only walk. It was weird though, despite all the loveliness my day was only okay to blahish. Maybe its the two presentations I have on tuesday, or how I work both tonight and tomorrow night. Or how I just want to be doing something else right now in life, I am so done with academia, but yet in all honesty I feel completely unprepared for the “real world”. Despite the improvements I have made this semester, I still lack job skills and probably interview skills too, ugh, I just want to be doing something other than this right now.

But then I also know that give a year or too and I’ll look back on where I am right now and be like “wow those were the days, life was simple and college was amazing”. So I try to live these last few weeks with joy and to get all I can out of it, but I am just not always happy to be here and now.



March 29, 2006

I just remembered that I have 3 page reflection thing due tomorrow and I have to leave now for work, followed by record night, dangnabit.



March 26, 2006

I don’t care if that’s a word or not, but that’s kinda how I am doing right now. I mean everything is fine in my life, I had a perfectly fine weekend. But I just finished almost balling after watching Grey’s Anatomy. It was just plain tragic and not even very hopeful and so I cried. Ugh, maybe I am PMSing, but I feel like tears have been almost bubbling up continually for the past few days. Movies and tv shows are big starters oh and beautiful hymns like Breathe On Me Breath Of God, from this morning. I just find myself tearing up so quickly. I guess its okay, but I kinda wonder, am I crying at the movie/tv show? or am I crying because of something inside of me? Maybe I am over analysizing this, but I am not sure I totally like either option. Are these movies just pushing the buttons for me? Is that form of grief wrong in that it can desensitize you to real world pain? Or is it just dehydrating? But then I don’t really think I have things inside me that need to be cried about right now either. So who knows. Maybe tears are just that, water squeezed out of eyes, not indicators of more than that. Yet isn’t there something wrong with me crying about a girl who dies on a tv show, when there are lots of real life deaths so much more worthy of tears? I think the reason tv shows and movies set me off, is because they bring death home for me. I end up identifying with the characters and therefore want them to be free from pain, emotional and physical. Sure I would love the world to be free from pain too, but most of the time, those problems are bigger than I can really contemplate deeply.

Alright enough about that. In other news I went on a walk/run this sunny afternoon while listening to Beck’s Guero. I really like that album, but then that is really typical of me, considering it usually takes me a good 3-5 years to find out about really cool artists.


CPT hostages freed!!!!

March 23, 2006

The three remaining CPT hostages were picked up by British troops in a neighborhood in Baghdad. While they are receiving medical treatment, they don’t seem to have been too badly harmed. For more news go here* or here

*the Tim N——- quoted at the end of the article is in fact my very own grown-up brother. Interestingly enough I was so excited when I read the article that I missed this point until Steph commented on it.


he he hehe

March 21, 2006

paper is officially 20 pages long *

*snickers quietly to herself……and giggles**

**should not be taken as signs of insanity, only mac labishness



March 21, 2006

does anyone else ever get the fear that other people seem to be living way more interesting lives than one’s own?

also does anyone else ever feel like giving the rest of school the finger?

*note to self: stop reading blogs and write the darn paper!


listening: The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill by the Beatles

March 20, 2006

You know those Beatles have some really weird songs in their repetorie. Obviously this is no news to those Beatles fanatics out there, or maybe even everybody but me. But seriously the same group that sang the bubbles of “All You Need is Love” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” also sang “Happiness is a Warm Gun”. Interesting don’t you think.

Today was a pretty good day, a little on the unproductive side of things, but not too bad. I started the day off with Digital Design, always a fun time. I really do love that class and I am really enjoying working on my final project. I think it is coming together. When I am done with it, I’ll try to find a way to post a picture of it here or something. After that there was chapel at 10, followed by Elkhart Truth time and my rather pathetic attempt at the crossword and then Hist o Glo Pov at 11. A rather uneventful morning altogether.

Although after listening to Goshen Grad TShenk talk about how he travels to various locations around the world to write about how MCC is having an impact on people’s lives, I was reminded of my dream job. This job was actually held by my aunt for a while back in the 90’s, but essentially I would travel the world for Ten Thousand Villages connecting with the local artisans and helping come up with new ideas for products and crafts that then would be sold in North America for fair prices. So that would involve travel, art, people and good business sense, how perfect would that be?! Now I just need to find a way to get this job, assuming it still even exists.

Then this afternoon I went home to do laundry, watched the Best of Adam Sandler SNL video, which wasn’t that great. Came back to the house, got a little work done, then went to supper. After that I put in almost 3 hours in the jewelry lab working on a pair of earrings, which are now almost completely done. In fact I am currently wearing them. It is great to wear something that you made all by yourself and then get complements on them. Maybe if the mood inspires I’ll post a picture of them.
So that brings us up to pretty much now. Hopefully the rest of the evening will involve me working on a little homework for a little bit, then getting to bed on the early side.


a blog is born

March 19, 2006

My dear friend Jess just started her very own little blog. Go check it out at I would link to it in this post, but I am borrowing Alex’s apple and for some reason the link button doesn’t appear above this entry. Why am I using her computer, you may ask, because my mouse just gave up on my computer. I kinda feel like my computer is the equivalent of one of those old rusty cars that is held together with duct tape, but in my case its spare parts and tech service friends. Ugh, I just want to buy a laptop.

But unfortunately nights like this at GG isn’t going to help. Becca (my coworker) and I cleared just over $2.50 for the whole night! It just sucked! Plus about half an hour before close we got a crazy rush of seriously like 20 people, mostly adults, who all ordered drinks and some got cinnamon rolls. Becca had already pulled one side of the espresso machine, so she was doing all these drinks with only 2 shots at a time! But she was amazing, she was finishing the drinks almost as fast as I was ringing them up. So we finally got all the orders done and it was about 10 minutes till close, then I looked in the tip box and none of them had tipped!!! Grrrrrr, I mean I understand when young people, college students, high schoolers, etc don’t tip, but when adults don’t it gets so annoying. Especially after we were so polite and fast considering the line. Despite all that it was still a good evening and it was great when a bunch of the girls from the house stopped by, unfortunately they came right before the rush, so I didn’t get to chat. But it was nice to see them anyways.

The rest of the day was pretty good, I slept in and then went to hear about half of the student academic symposium, which was really good this year. But after that I didn’t do anything productive for the 2 hours I had before work. Tomorrow some serious work time needs to happen!


thursday night that kinda feels like friday night

March 17, 2006

Today was a good day in that I skipped my only class (my second skippage for this week, but only my second for this entire semester) and slept in. Then I did various errands downtown including picking up some good Rachel’s bread. Then I went to the library and pecked out a few more pages for the huge paper o death. Which is now at a rambly and rough 18 pages in length. After working on that for a while, I came home for some soup and bread supper, followed by a check at the jewelry lab on some pieces I had in the tumbler. Then I worked on digital design stuff at the mac lab. I am designing my final project which has to be a book of some kind. I am combining pictures, journal entries and other stuff from China into it and so far I am really enjoying it. Whenever I do digital design work I feel a little guilty because it feels like I am procrastinating cause I enjoy it so much. Hmmm, maybe this says something about my choice in majors?

In other news, David surprised me by installing another stick of memory in my dilapidated computer! Although I can’t tell a huge difference, it does seem to run at least a little better. I think the real test will be when I try to have several applications running at once. So finally I have the basic requirement in memory instead of half of that.

This week has been rather bluish blah. I have been rather grouchy as of late, although today was a better day than some. I feel really tired, but also like I have this pent up emotional energy. Maybe I need a punching bag or something. Although every time I think about May term, I get excited, because I will be graduated, senior history paper will be done, Jonathan (the little bro) will be returned, the weather will be nicer (I refuse to accept anything less than 65 and sunny), I will be taking an interesting class and I won’t be graded! What more could a girl want? I mean other than a may term fling that is 🙂


listening: Like a King – Ben Harper

March 13, 2006

This is a confusing song in that when I first heard it I thought the chorus was oddly enough “rodney king, rodney king” and then after looking at the title of the song, I thought oh, “like a king, like a king” that makes so much more sense. But then I was listening again and I could swear the lyrics switch back and forth between the two. Obviously I would never make it in such professions as dictation secretary or rapper.

Update: I looked up the lyrics and they are as follows
Like a King, like a King, like a King.
Rodney King, Rodney King, Rodney King.
Like a king, like a King, like a King.
How I wish you could help us Dr. King.

Rap career, here I come!