how lame am i

February 20, 2006

I seriously just sat here in the library doing crosswords for 30 minutes

oh and have any of you fantasized about what name would sound really good next to yours?



  1. Only every time I have the minutest crush on anybody. I always check the potential initials too.

    Crosswords aren’t lame!

  2. Are you talking last names? Cause I think I could be fine with any name except Schmecka. Heehee. Becca Schmecka. I crack myself up. Or Stoltzfus, because I would then be Rebecca Shantz Stoltzfus, and that is just a little too close to Regina. She would think that I was copying her. Oh, well…back to my stupid homework…

  3. Come to think of it…it would actually be fun to marry someone with the last name of Schmecka. I think I would give up all my ideals of not taking my husband’s last names just for the coolness of being Becca Schmecka. Although, I have never met anyone with the last name of Schmecka…so there you go.

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