that weird state of espresso induced tired alertness

February 18, 2006

I did it, Lauren (the other trainee hired the same day as myself) and I pulled a friday night shift all by ourselves. I think it went pretty well, we survived the huge rushes, kept sane, made about $1 per hour in tips, and closed in a not too shabby for our first time 40 minutes.

It was a good night, I mainly worked the cash register while Lauren did the drinks, although during the rushes I popped in to try to help. Right now though my feet are crazy sore, so are my knees, I am totally exhausted, but of course thanks to that cappacino I had about 4 hours ago I am wired still.

The best part is that I get to go back to GG tomorrow afternoon and work another 8 hour shift! Which is actually quite nice, because at this juncture in life, I can use all the money I can get.

While I should probably go to bed, I think I’ll go watch an alias episode…..yes I know this makes me a dork!

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