listening: By the Mark – Gillian Welch

February 18, 2006

I just finished my 8 hour shift at GG, equaling 14 hours total for today and yesterday. While I am pretty tired, I have to say, I really like my job. Maybe I should just forget this college stuff and work in coffee shops for the rest of my life, or maybe I should go live on a beach and learn how to surf.

Can you believe it, it is only 2 degrees here in Goshen, and oddly enough that is a degree lower than in Chicago. I definitely felt all 2 of those degrees tonight when I took the recycling to the bins after I finished at GG. I had about 3 bags and cardboard to take care of it and by the end of it my fingers were both numb and stinging, a great combination let me tell you.

Tomorrow morning I lead worship at Assembly, something that causes me just a little bit of concern, I mean I am pretty much prepared, but of course there are always nerves regarding things like this. But I think it should go well.

In other news, I really need to get working both on jewelry and history senior sem, neither one is coming along and needs to be and I just really need to make them more of a priority in my life right now.

But first of all worship prep, followed by sleep in a hopefully large dose.

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