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coffee: houses and jobs`

January 29, 2006

Well, Saturday my day revolved around coffee. I opened at GG for the first time as a part of my training. I worked with Becca, who was great. I really feel like I am beginning to get the hang of it, making drinks even, doing the register thing, etc. The whole steaming milk is getting less intimidating and other than the specialty lattes and some of the frozen drinks, I am feeling pretty confident about. It was great on Saturday morning, Jess and Becca came in to visit and do homework. I got to test out the mango smoothie on Jess and get Becca’s opinion on the cinnamon rolls. I think I will like working at GG. Oh and while working 5 hours I made just over 6 dollars in tips, so yay for making 7 dollars an hour.

After work, I headed home for some quick laundry and patching of the jeans. Unfortunately my embroidered pair have already ripped their patched seams after wearing them today (Sunday). Ach vel. But then Saturday evening I went to the international coffeehouse and dinner. It was a pretty good time, I think the whole show was even better than last year and of course the food was amazing.

Then today I had a pretty packed day, which oddly enough made me even more productive. I went to church, followed by lunch at the Glick household. Then off to my SST chapel meeting to finalize plans for tomorrow. Which in typical China SST fashion took about 30 minutes longer than need to and made me feel like a reluctant dictator. Trying to get our group to come to some kind of consensus and keep everyone happy is like pulling teeth! But I think we got most things figured out and hopefully everything will go well tomorrow morning. After that meeting I headed over to the art building to do some jewelry stuff. I worked on a copper trial version of a ring idea I had. My first attempt isn’t too bad, but not exactly what I was originally planning, so I tried a few things in wire. I think I am getting close to figuring out how I want it to work. Then at 4:45 I met up with Becca, Meryl and Zeb and headed over to the H house for some amazing boiled turkey and quality time with Zeb’s parents who are pretty gosh darn cool. After that it was back home for some emailing and homework. I finished my reading just in time for Desperate Housewives at 9pm, but when it turned out to be a rerun went over to the computer lab to finish up my digital design homework. Then I went back over to Kauffman 3rd for Grey’s Anatomy, which was great this week. Which brings me up to now, and hopefully the rest of the day will go like this. “Abby finishes doing random things at the computer, brushes her teeth, washes her face and goes directly to bed”. But of course we’ll have to wait and see…